Something about the convenience and reliability of existing text sharing sites bothered me. So I set out to create a much more proprietary solution for myself.

I have a few issues with sites such as pastebin and hastebin. Pastebin has a very messy interface for just uploading text. There are ads everywhere, accounts, support links, social media sharing, and the list goes on. So much for just sharing text.

So much clutter

Pastebin only allocates about 13% of the page to editing and uploading your text. The rest is all useless. Of course, they have to make their money, but this is overkill.

Hastebin, on the other hand, gets rid of all of that clutter and moves it to the top right of the screen. But it too has its quirks. There isn’t any language detection for syntax highlighting and there is still a social media button.

My solution is to make the UI as empty as possible. That way there is more room for viewing large files and less room for social media sharing. I kept the control buttons as small and as far out of the way as possible.

My design uses about 99% of the page for text editing and viewing.

While I was at it, I added some real-time language detection using highlight.js. There’s nothing technically amusing about my solution. It’s just an Ace editor with a MongoDB backend. I like how clean it looks compared to Pastebin ;)

You can test the running app for yourself at